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Jul 30,2009 Shopify API Ecommerce

Facebook Gets Twitter Updates

Twitter users were baffled when their tweets were automatically posted in popular social networking site Facebook. The change was too abrupt causing negative reactions from users who felt their privacy was violated.

Twitter has not explained why tweets are suddenly popping up on Facebook profiles. Although Facebook has an application that links Twitter to the site, it still doesn't spell out why users who are not using the application gets automatic Facebook updates.

Twitter has made several tweaks on its web design but redirecting posts to Facebook isn't one of them. Apparently, Twitter sees Facebook as competition. On the other hand, Facebook is looking for ways to ditch Twitter threats. Both companies have been thinking of competitive strategies to rise above the other.

On that note, it seems remotely possible that Twitter has even thought of Facebook integration. Although Twitter does not disclose how it plans to compete with existing and emerging micro-blogging sites.  The company is pushing for 1 billion users and keeping avid Twitter members in the dark about any site changes may toss up the plan.