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Jan 06,2010 Shopify API

First aid kits

First aid Kits are vital for business and the home and are bundles of products, usually including bandaging and treatments for small wounds abrasions and burns. Being the owner of a first aid kit does not necessarily make you a bonafied paramedic but it will help you treat everyday injuries if you know what you are doing.

In the next few months we are carrying out initial SEO research into the First Aid Kit sector for a small ecommerce and web design project we are launching for ourselves. Should we go for it, it will be our first venture into ecommerce not for clients and will  be a great learner for us to be on the other side of a sales driven site. We will be implementing all of the web design and SEO methodology that we implement for outr clients and will be going at it hammer and tongue. We have source a quality and good value product that meets our criteria and arranged a supply chain for it.

We wont be going ahead until we are 100% sure that it is a winner... watch this space.

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