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Jul 19,2008 Shopify API

Front End Development - high end CSS, XHTML & Javascript

It is a little known fact but the build quality of the front end of your website (CSS, Xhtml and Javascript) is crucial for the success of your website allowing greater flexibility for your web design, useability, cross browser display and search engine performance. We have great front end development experience in-house and have launched new and very small brand with microsite called to showcase our work and to offer a cost effective service for our clients and for other design agencies who need help with excess workload or who do not have strong Front End Development skillsets in-house.

So far we have worked with great clients and are looking to build strong relationships in a tough economic climate. If you are looking for a provider in this area that is both skilled and customer focused look no further. In a hurry? We offer a 24 hour turnaround but be sure to contact us to discuss your project or long term requirements. We browser test, fix and repair existing websites too!

Tel: + 44 (0) 115 9418 122