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Aug 04,2009 Shopify API

Gmail Ditches a Feature

Gmail became widely popular for its growing feature set, browser-based application, and ease of use.  It stands out from other webmail services because of its search-oriented interface and "conversation view" that resembles internet forums.  It has a web design built to make users feel as if they are always on one page rather than navigating to other pages.

Gmail has incurred massive users, but some of these users have other email accounts.  This is exactly why Google offers Gmail users the ability to access other emails without logging out from their Gmail account.  However, emails sent through this feature notifies recipients that the mails have been sent "on behalf of", showing the Gmail address.

Some users find the feature quite annoying due to privacy issues.  Google finally looked into the problem and decided to get rid of the "on behalf of" Gmail address link.

Google made a smart move considering the fact that a number of Gmail users have business accounts. Now, users need not worry about keeping their business accounts private and sepate from their personal Gmail account.

Gmail has drawn many favorable reviews from users for its exorbitant storage capacity and unique organization. The recent changes have proven Gmail has the capacity to turn things positively in just a matter of time.  It may lack a florid interface, but its diverse features make it a perfect option for users seeking a convenient and flexible free webmail service.

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