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Sep 29,2009 Shopify API Ecommerce

Google Services for Websites

Earlier this year, Google introduced a new package of tools designed to help web design specialists / hosts improve their own sites and to pass on to their customers. Let’s take a look at the new tools and how they can help your business.

Webmaster tools
• Help make sites more Google and SEO friendly
• Optimize search engine crawling
• Show Google’s view of any site
• Help to diagnose problems
• Improve site visibility in Google search results
• Enhance and increase traffic to your site
• Automatically inform Google when you update your pages
• Show how users are reaching your site

Custom Search and Site Search
• Offers search functionality on one or more websites or specific web pages
• Embeds search directly on website
• Customizes look and feel of results to match their sites
• Displays relevant ads alongside search results
• Drives revenue through AdSense for Search
Custom Search for your website or Wordpress blog
• Provides fast and relevant search results
• Helps you make money with AdSense for Search
• Allows you to invite your friends to contribute
• Automatically searches across bookmarks, links, or blog rolls with Custom Search on the Fly
Site Search for your business or enterprise - Use Google Site Search for enterprise-grade support and optional ads and to:
• Retain customers and conversions on your site
• Manage branding and improve results presentation via XML results
• Provide rapid indexing of your website via On-Demand indexing
Web Elements - Easily add Google products to websites using simple cut and paste of HTML
• Calendar
• Conversation
• Maps
• News
• Presentation
• Spreadsheets
• YouTube news
• Increases site revenue
• Displays relevant, targeted, unobtrusive Google ads
• Monetizes search traffic through AdSense for Search
• Monetizes page content with AdSense for Content

Hoster Program Overview
• Integration – easy to use Google APIs allow fast integration with existing controls and hassle-free provisioning of accounts
• Co-Marketing – Google badge highlights Google Services for Websites for your customers
• Revenue – Referral fees when site owners join AdSense or upgrade to Site Search
• Support – Tips for web hosters page helps you to offer valuable Google Services to your customers

In August, Google added a few more gadgets to their toolbox:
• Page Speed helps website designers/hosters assess speed on their sites and makes recommendations for speeding things up. A website that takes too long to load is bad for business. Visitors are not likely to wait more than a few seconds before flitting off to another site. With Page Speed you can test the performance of your site. If the site is slow, Page Speed will help you reduce resource utilization and optimize network bandwidth usage.
• Tips for Hosters offers tips for website designers/hosters to help their customers enhance their sites and use tools like Google Analytics and Google Translate in order to reach a broader audience. Hosters can offer convenience and improved accessibility of tools, while saving platform costs and earning referral fees at the same time
If you are a website designer or hoster, you should think about taking advantage of some or all of Google’s new gadgets. Sure, Google developed them primarily to increase their own profits, but why not go along for the ride and use them to boost traffic and business on your website as well?

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