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Jul 01,2010 Shopify API Ecommerce

Haulage Company - RH Freight

Juno Web Design recently met up with the international haulage company RH Freight to discuss their SEO and possible web development needs.

Haulage is massive industry in the UK and Nottingham based RH Freight employ just under 700 people in 19 separate locations.  The haulage company focuses on delivery KPI's and logistics serving many high end clients such as UPS and John Deere.

Since RH Freight started way back in 1849 shipping has become an booming business worldwide with international shipping via sea or air being the norm for major brands.  The main performance indicator for Haulage is obviously the delivery time and this doesn't just include the time taken from departure to destination it also has to factor in loading/unloading times and appropriate breaks for the drivers.  The freight network consists of an impressive 600 trailers and 300 trucks all tracked by satellite and that's just RH Freight's road network.  Logistics is available for large supplies of non-perishable products which can be passed through a worldwide network, no haulage job is too big for this giant European company.

Nottingham is the perfect base for one of it's main offices situated near to the M1 which is known as the "backbone of Britain" plus Nottingham is very central to the UK.  Juno have established themselves as possibly the biggest web design company in Nottingham and most certainly the number 1 SEO company (known as RealWebSeo).  RH Freight wish to expand their online presence and receive more haulage contracts; with many previous successes in the search engine results Juno are confident that they can gain a lot of custom for RH Freight through relevant visitors to the site.