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Mar 07,2010 Juno Ecommerce

Hotels Northamptonshire, Benefield Wheatsheaf

We are really pleased to undertake a new SEO project for the Benefield Wheatsheaf. The Hotel is looking to take some smaller local searchs as well as regional searches for hotels Northamptonshire and Oundle. We are spending time going through the site to improve the structure, architecture and meta information and then building links to promote greater traffic and search engine position.

The Benefield Wheatsheaf is a great place to have a wedding party and corporate events and lunches although they do not feature in the search engines for this. Part of our intention is to improve visibilty for the hotel and restaurant for these searches.

To find out more about The Benefield Wheatsheaf click here ----> Hotels Northamptonshire

To find out more about the  wedding services click here ----> Wedding Hotel

To find out more about the Corporate Events ---> Corporate Events

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