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Nov 19,2018 Juno Ecommerce

How John Norris launched their epic Black Friday sale

How John Norris launched their epic Black Friday sale

For most ecommerce brands, Black Friday spans from the all-important Friday to the equally exciting Cyber Monday. But as the demand for online shopping continues to grow, brands are starting to extend their deals to last the entire week leading up to Black Friday (with some mavericks slashing prices for the whole month). So, how can you up your Black Friday game without breaking the bank? How can you create a Black Friday campaign that spans for seven whole days?

As it happens, that’s exactly what one Juno customer decided to do for Black Friday 2018. Here’s how we helped them do it.

The cinematic video

This week, we’ve helped country clothing brand John Norris launch their biggest ever Black Friday sale. To celebrate, we wanted to do something a little different for John Norris. That’s why we worked with the animation guys at our sister company, Bottletop, to create a cinematic Black Friday video that highlights the brand’s ‘epic sale’.

Through our ongoing collaboration with Bottletop, we were able to turn around the high-quality motion graphics video within a few days. With a dramatic countryside background and a hyperbolic script, the John Norris video acts as a fantastic final flourish to the brand’s campaign. Using a custom-built video module, the video is now being across the brand’s ads, social media accounts and homepage.

The technology

With banners, theme changes, social media posts and a dramatic Black Friday video, John Norris' integrated campaign is now running across multiple channels. And because their site is powered by Shopify Plus, the whole thing was quick to organise and entirely stress-free.

Shopify Plus

The Shopify Plus platform is built for speed, reliability and security, which means retailers can tackle those Black Friday traffic spikes without worrying about outages or compliance. It’s the difference between seeing your best month on record and your biggest public embarrassment. With a strong platform behind them, John Norris can continue to scale, confident in the knowledge that their site can take it.


Tools like Nosto have also played a big part in the John Norris Black Friday campaign. Using visitor data to personalise product recommendations, Nosto encourages users to add more to their baskets, helping increase John Norris’ average order value. By creating a personalised shopping experience, Nosto also helps increase customer retention, meaning those Black Friday bargain hunters are more likely to shop there again.   

The integrated campaign

With a host of huge discounts for their customers, John Norris were keen to get the word out about their Black Friday sale. That’s why the Juno marketing team helped them create a multi-platform Black Friday campaign, with coordinated efforts from designers, animators and marketers. Through emails, videos, paid ads, organic social content and on-site styling, John Norris have a sale that spans across more customer touchpoints than ever before.

The theme changes

Because the John Norris store is powered by Shopify Plus, making on-site changes is a breeze. The platform's drag-and-drop feature means that amending the site’s imagery and styling can be done swiftly, without the need for hours of development. With some simple front-end work, the brand’s homepage and navigation menus were plunged into darkness, temporarily abandoning the brand’s colours for an all-black alternative.

To keep things consistent across their platforms, we styled the John Norris Facebook page to match the on-site changes. By blacking out their logo and changing their banner to the brand’s Black Friday video, their customers can enjoy clever designs at every touch point.


Black Friday 2019 is coming...

Looking to get a head start on next year’s festivities? We’re here to help. Get in touch to find out how we can help you create a winning campaign for Black Friday 2019.

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