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Aug 26,2008 Shopify API Ecommerce

How Many Blogs Should You Maintain?

It's a quite common question. Most of us get stuck on to this question after sometime into the online business. Let me clarify one thing. It may be a common question but there is no common answer. It depends on the individual. But there are some aspects that you need to consider before you decide for yourself.

There is no doubt that creating multiple blogs will give you stability on earning. Consider that you solely depend on earning from blogging & you have a quite popular news blog. Someday for any reason a search engine like Google penalizes you or your SERP goes down due to some algorithm change. You will see drastic loss of income.

The worst thing is that you may not have any backup. Multiple blogs cover you from this problem. It's very rare that all your blogs would get penalized at the same time unless you make some ridiculous common mistake.

Now ask yourself, "Do I have the time to update?". If you don't update your blogs regularly then you are going nowhere from SEO point of view. There is no point in creating some sub-standard blogs with little content. Those blogs will never achieve good SERP or regular readers. Besides for each new blog you have to promote & do lots of SEO work to attract traffic. It does take time.

Another thing you really have to consider. Would you like to be a generalizer or a specialist? For example, you can write a miscellinious online blog covering different topics like software, games, web design, blogging or computer tips & tricks. You may feel comfortable with it.

You will have plenty of content to write about. It would be a general blog. Or you can divide this blog under three or four sub-niche like software blog, gaming blog or blog about blogging. Then you can call yourself specialist blogger. But remember you have to find content to manage these blogs.

It would be better to write 3-4 posts per week on a online blog than writing one post on each of these sub-niche blogs. So before you commit yourself to another blog, consider these few questions. I would recommend 2-3 good blogs under different niche if you can manage.

But as I have said before, the decision is yours. One thing, if you are a newbie create blogs one by one. First create one & make it popular and stable. Then start working with another one. You will constantly learn new things with time.

Guest author : Anirban Roy