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Dec 08,2008 Shopify API

Increase Your Sales With Better Web Copywriting

Copywriting seems to be a very misunderstood term and job. Most people might confuse "copywriting" with "copyright" and it certainly does sound the same. It is not the same though. Copywriting is anything written that is used to promote something or to dissuade people. It can be used for your web design, web video, on television or in print.

Web copywriting has increased in the past few years as the popularity in search engines rises. Web copywriting is most often in regards to articles written in a specific manner. The articles are called SEO (search engine optimized) and are specifically written around certain key words.

The key words are recognized by the search engine used and then cause the article or product to be displayed in the results. An example would be the words: dog clown suits. Any articles or promotional writing that is on an internet webpage that have those specific words written in sequence would come up as a result.

The use of website copywriting does not stop at the internet. Advertising copywriting is a huge industry. Companies rely on copywriters to bring in more customers. An ad that does not make sense is one that consumers will ignore and thus the product or service is ignored. Ads can also be used to sway an audience against an idea.

An example is the anti-smoking ads issued by government agencies and private groups to help show the affects of cigarette smoking on the body. The idea of a negative image is used to help keep young people away from smoking.

You do not have to work for a huge advertising firm or a media group. There are many freelance copywriter positions available on the market today. Copywriting jobs can be found on many career websites and at job fairs. Some positions do not require a lot of copywriting online experience either including freelance copywriter.

Copywriting is around us each and every day. It is something that most of us do not take into consideration as we flip through a magazine or surf the internet. The next time you use Google to search for something, pay attention to what the results bring up or look at how an article is either for or against something. That is copywriting in action.