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Apr 04,2012 Shopify API


Infographics or Information Graphics, are hitting the big time in terms of web design, web content, digital marketing and presenting data. It is a great way of providing information to users and can be a powerful tool to educate visitors and business clients. Today, Infographics are a popular method in advertising and media to get across a message.

These visual aids replace reams of text and work well by providing consistent information to users, the most basic would be stop and go. Light systems use different coloured lights. This theme continues in signs and other areas where we, as humans, have become accustom to the meaning signs and colours. The main elements of information graphics are the data, information and knowledge they are designed to represent, using drawings and symbols to create an easy to understand diagram.

Cave paintings could be construed as the earliest form of Infographics. Florence Nightingale used drawings to persuade Queen Victoria that conditions in Military Hospitals were bad and needed to be improved, to allow patients to combat their illnesses.

Today, Infographics are used in the media to tell stories and educate us about the power of social media and so on.

We particularly like this Infographic about how well the social site Pinterest has grown.

Should we invest in Infographics?

Definitely, in fact now is the time to harness these wonderful designs. We use graphics everyday, we are bombarded by 3000 different brands everyday and their logos may include a design or graphic.

Infographics are a great way to get across difficult information in a fun and exciting way. They educate, they engage and they are visually appealing.

Personally we think the use of Infographics may grow, be used in digital marketing and may appear on peoples sites, directing users to the right areas using quirky little drawings.