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Landing page title tips to help you convert

Landing page title tips to help you convert

The first thing your customer will see when they click on a link to your ecommerce website is the designated landing page. Perhaps they’ve found you by simply searching your name. Or, maybe they’ve come across one of your ads, and have been redirected through that.

It’s at this point you need to make the case for your services, so a short, catchy and relevant title is a must.

We’ve thought about some of the best ways to draw people in at first glance using just your words.

Don’t make things too long

Brevity is key for titles. A successful title needs to tell the reader what the page is about while leaving all of the details for later on. If you start writing an essay instead of a short sentence or two of snappy writing, you’ll lose your visitor’s attention.

In fact, around 30% of landing pages feature too much copy.

Trying to fit your entire message, product/service use, personality and values into one sentence is a difficult skill, but it’s certainly possible. Use short words, language and tone which reflects your brand’s personality, and relevant messaging. If you can fit all of that into a catchy title you’re guaranteed to keep your customers’ attention.

Keep your page consistent with the ad

When people click on a link to a website, they expect to find what was advertised to them. If an advert talks about how the company can boost a client’s sales, any visitors will be immediately turned away if the URL takes them to a generic ‘contact’ page, or something else which is irrelevant at first glance.

It seems like obvious advice, but many companies make the mistake of linking an ad back to their homepage. This might lead to some engagement, but if you’re advertising a specific product or service, you’re not optimising your potential.

Customers like a consistent experience, so make sure the landing page aligns with both the message and design of the ad that’s taking them there.

Use confident language

If your title is short, you need to make do with the limited space available. Speaking with conviction and confidence is a great way to grab the attention of your reader. They need to believe in what you’re offering and be convinced to continue into your website from just a few words.

Instead of ‘our service may be your next favourite thing’, say ‘our service will be your next favourite thing’. If you don’t sound like you think your product is the best thing since the internet, neither will your customer. Just don’t be too cocky.

Ask a question

What kind of service or product are you offering people? Is it something with the intention of solving a problem your customer may have?

If so, it might be worth throwing a question into your landing page title. Use audience research to find out what they’re looking for, or a common problem that demographic experiences. Then, try to answer it.

Say you’re a company selling an app which sets reminders on your device. You could go with something like ‘Tired of running late? Never miss out again.’ That identifies a problem and suggests how your product could solve it. 

And if you’re running multiple ads and landing pages, this gives you an opportunity to target a wide range of problems which your service solves.

Be mysterious, but not confusing

People love mysteries. Using secretive language can help intrigue your audience and make them more interested in exploring your website.

Be careful, though; being mysterious can be engaging, but you still need to let people know what you actually do. Your audience won’t keep reading if they don’t think your service will be relevant to them.

You could go with something like: ‘there’s something retailers do every day that loses money’. With that, you’re establishing who your audience is and why reading on might be beneficial to them - so they can find out what it is that’s losing them money.

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