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May 02,2008 Shopify API

New Commenting Policy

This is just a short post to let you all know that as of today March 2nd 2009 i am changing the commenting policy of  this news blog. As so many bloggers are now posting lists of blogs that carry the top commenters plugin that is resulting in a lot of comment spam on this blog for SEO purpose.

Although i don't mind short replies to blog posts what i do mind is people using this as an opportunity to leave a quick backlink to their web design / blog using their keywords.

So as of today all comments must be made using your own real name i.e Joe Bloggs. All comments that are received using keywords as the name will still be approved but the Url will be removed and the name changed to Anon.

We are currently recruiting by the way... so if you are looking for a web design job

please contact us - 01159418122