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May 31,2013 Juno Ecommerce

New microsite design for Police

These days a brand needs to utilise a whole range of techniques if it’s going to make an impact in the marketplace. Opting for attention-grabbing newsletters can be a great choice—it’s the chance to give customers snippets of information in an easy-to-digest format, and if you do it right they’ll be compelled to know more. That’s why designing a microsite around the whole thing is ideal, and it’s something we’ve just done for Police to capture the attention of their client base.

The newsletter has been specifically designed to offer a brief overview of marketing activity surrounding the Police brand, including the likes of press coverage, the style blog and advertising campaigns, but customers aren’t getting everything there and then—it’s kept short but sweet with minimal text and eye-catching images, as well as the lure of social media competitions for maximum client interaction. Then there’s the tantalising glimpse of a “find out more” button or links for each section. Once those links are clicked they’re taken to the microsite which builds on the topics covered in the newsletter, with clean, crisp images again leading the way to really capture attention. It’s sleek, sharp and sophisticated, making the necessary impact without side-tracking readers with too much text (incidentally, the main text is in the form of a style interview to offer something of value to fashion-conscious consumers).

This is web design on another level—not purely focused around the main website but incorporating other aspects to boost online presence and add another string to your marketing bow, with everything working together to give the best possible results. If you like what you see and want the same kind of design techniques implemented for your own campaign, make sure to get in touch on 0845 544 1766 or contact us now. and see what we can do.