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Jul 31,2009 Juno Ecommerce

New MySpace Mail Competes With Leading Webmail Services

MySpace is now offering its 130 millions users with a webmail service.  The social networking site hopes to rival with popular webmail services like Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

Existing MySpace users can a create a MySpace Mail account with their current user name, using a domain name.  They can now upload photos from their profile to email, and send audio and video attachments. Unlike other webmails, MySpace Mail offers unlimited storage.

MySpace has been battling to stay afloat in a very competitive market, and launching a webmail may just do the trick. The site has recently made key web design changes to best compete with leading networking site Facebook. It has retrenched nearly 30 percent of  its domestic workforce and a significant number of its global staff was also axed.  The job cuts were part of MySpace's move to keep a stable financial stature amidst recession.

MySpace topped the social media market back in 2006, but was overtaken by Facebook in 2008.  The site has been making major tweaks on its homepage and has added several features to tussle with other much hyped social networking sites.  Creating a webmail is one thing that sets it apart from its competitors, and this might just be the break MySpace has long been waiting.