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Jan 13,2009 Shopify API Ecommerce

New Year, New Brand & New website coming soon!

After 3 years in active service Juno has spent some time redesigning its own brand. It is true to say that after all this time working with focus on client projects we have outgrown our own brand image and website.... so time for an overhaul. We are not looking for half measures or token gestures, we ARE looking to create a powerful cutting edge brand with a site to impress with stunning web design, clarity of content, functionality and search engine performance.

We are undertaking exactly the same design process which we apply to client projects. Through research and analysis we have stripped our business down to our core services and key messages which have evolved and transformed considerably over the years. It is a tough process but has given us insight into our marketing strategy as a whole and has seen significant improvements across the board.

The website is already designed, but for now you can only have a glimpse of the new brand logo design (above). The website is coming soon...!