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Aug 24,2010 Shopify API

Position two for the search Sunglasses on Google

At Juno when we talk about Sunglasses Save it is with a real sense of pride. The site is nowadays in need of a new web design and rebranding, until now we have focussed our efforts on technology and search engine position to gain sales and build the business. The sunglasses retail website is now very advanced in technology and uses a highly evolved version of the Magento System, much of the functionality we have created in order to be better than the competition, better by technology.

We have now gained position 2 on for the search 'Sunglasses' (one word).

[caption id="attachment_3902" align="alignnone" width="588" caption="Sunglasses Save SEO"][/caption]

Sunglasses Save are expanding their range of sunglasses brands and as such we are developing new navigation methods to handle the product volume and provide the user with a better shopping experience. We are working in the background to redesign the site and further develop the functionality as we reach the end of the sunglasses season and it will be unveiled later in the year. With this site we have to be groundbreaking to compete and continue inventing and improving to maintain our position.