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Jan 16,2012 Shopify API

Taking on a sweet tooth

Some of us are incredibly excited in the office, others are worried, because those with a sweet tooth are going to have to remain calm as the team work on our new client- Hancocks.

Hancocks is the UK's leading wholesaler of confectionery- SWEETS! Hancocks was established back in 1962. Ray Hancock and his wife Liz started wholesaling confectionery from their sweet shop in Shepshed near Loughborough, Leicestershire.  Their aim was to supplier local retailers and profit from purchasing sugary goods in bulk. The business as grown and moved from strength to strength with the introduction of the Internet and selling online. Now with Juno Web Design, we're taking the next step to make purchasing smoother, optimize the site using product descriptions and SEO.

We plan to tidy things up, re-name pages to make sure they show up in search results and ultimately use Magento, which Hancocks already employ, to make an incredible e commerce store, that will knock other confectionery Wholesalers out of the water! There will be a new design, a new look and the meta data will be cleaned up. But you will still receive the best products and service from a time honoured local supplier of lovely sugary confectionery.

We're also hoping we may get a few packets of Milk Bottles and Fried Eggs in with the bargain!

Not only are we doing all of this, we will be installing a blog so customers can have regular updates about stock and all things sweet, it also helps the site gain rankings. So we're primed, ready and waiting, the team have their instructions and on the other side we will have created a store that provides better functionality and a better customer experience.

The only thing we're worried about now is keeping our sweet tooth cravings under complete control!

Juno Web Design team.