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Nov 01,2012 Shopify API

The importance of planning in web design

The importance of planning in web design

Effective web design is always going to take time and energy, and in many cases a lot of tweaking will be required before the necessary results can be achieved. But, that can all come at a later date—the key to any web design project will always thorough planning, with this stage in the process often being the most important one of all.

Unless you have a clear idea of where you’re heading, what you hope to achieve and what the website is actually for, you can’t hope to be left with a website that works. Your plans will be the blueprint of your site, the foundation on which everything else is built, ensuring you’re always going in the right direction and that you’re targeting the right areas.

The planning stage will need to include everything from identifying your target market to deciding on the overall look you want to achieve, with these considerations obviously having a huge impact on the final result. Themes and colour schemes will often need to be discussed as will the layout and specific pages that need to be developed, and of course, you need to consider how the design will reflect the core values of the brand itself to ensure it hits the mark. Then you need to start thinking about how it’s going to get those must-have conversions, and that means things like SEO considerations need to be given proper thought too.

Of course, plans will invariably change as you go through the process but that doesn’t mean you can overlook this step—you need to have proper foundations before you can hope to move forwards with your design, so make sure to remember the importance of planning in web design and you could soon create a site that works on every level.