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Sep 25,2012 Shopify API Ecommerce

The need for responsive web design

The need for responsive web design

Customers expect more than ever before, and if you want to stand a chance of competing you need to start giving them what they want. They expect freedom of choice not only in terms of what they buy but in how they make their purchases, with different ecommerce channels as well as different devices being vital considerations for any business, and that means responsive web design is an ever-growing necessity.

The huge range of smartphones, tablets and other devices means web designers have something of a challenge on their hands. Not only do they need to provide a workable, functional ecommerce site for each device but they need to offer the same kind of content across all browsers and operating systems, giving users that much-needed consistency no matter how they choose to shop. That’s where responsive web design comes in.

Using this method means you’re coding using CSS3 media types, where a style sheet can adapt to different layouts and different environments, so a single source of content will be easily adaptable to suit whatever screen it’s viewed on. Images and text will snap into place with minimal scrolling and resizing being required, ensuring the site is consistent, easy to navigate and simple to use across a whole range of devices.

This type of design is becoming even more important when you consider the growth of the tablet and smartphone market as a whole. Different screen sizes and resolutions are appearing at an alarming rate and if web designers are to keep up the only option is to go responsive, with fluid layouts and adaptable style sheets needing to be a core consideration of any design project. So, make sure to remember the need for responsive web design in all future projects and you can give customers what they’re looking for.