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Nov 11,2007 Shopify API

The Sausage is ready

The grill is dirty, the coal is smouldering, nearby hedge's leaves have been burnt to a crisp and the team are still coughing clouds of smoke. We rolled this sausage old school.

Welcome to the new blog of Rolled Limited, we're a new web design, development, strategy and marketing company based in Nottingham, England. We've evolved from an organisation of freelancers gathered by myself, Jamie Huskisson, and now we are a registered limited company with several full-time employees. We've kept the freelancer core in that we will only take on jobs that we will enjoy working on and we still love what we do for a living. We've also added inner-team pranks to the mix and a great set of Nottingham accountants over at Smith Emmerson to take care of financial matters when it comes to taxes and payroll.

This blog will cover all our client site releases, important client news, conferences we attend, office news and team updates. We will also try to add articles when we can and keep you updated on service and product launches which will be coming from Rolled in the near future.