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Apr 16,2010 Shopify API

Top 100,000 Alexa - Juno

Achieving position in the Top 100,000 on Alexa is a challenge we have been aiming for with the Juno Web Design site for some time and we achieved it today. Alexa is a general traffic rank given to all sites based on their traffic algorithm, Google is number one and Facebook is number two.

We are currently ranked 99705 of all sites in the world

To find out your alexa Rank just check here ---> Alexa

The most frustrating part of this is we engaged our friends at Godine in an Alexa race two years ago... they achieved top 100,000 ranking yesterday beating us by a day! The mockery has already begun....

Congratulations Adam, I understand  50,000 is the important milestone.

[caption id="attachment_3172" align="alignleft" width="289" caption="Juno Web Design Alexa rank"][/caption]