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Dec 14,2008 Shopify API Ecommerce

Traffic Generation Part 1 - Article Marketing

Welcome to our brand new series about traffic generation. In this series we will be posting 52 different traffic generating techinques and each post will be accomponied with a video. So be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed so that you dont miss a post.

If I was only going to recommend one traffic generation strategy, it would be article marketing. There is a reason it is so popular, it is because it actually works!

Article marketing consists of creating articles from your niche, and submitting them to article directories. At the bottom of each article you write, you are allowed to link to your website. There are quite a few article directories that are very highly respected by the search engines, and having links from there pointing to your site is a huge advantage.

Additionally, once your article is in the directories, other webmasters will come and publish your article. It is not uncommon for one article to get you several high quality backlinks.

I would not suggest submitting to every article directory you can find, but rather just stick with the top few. This would include:

To hear more about why you need to be exploring this opportunity, be sure to check out watch the video.