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Dec 27,2008 Shopify API

Traffic Generation Part 17 - Creating Your Own Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is very popular, and having people help you sell your own product can be a very powerful advantage. If you have your own product, I would strongly suggest either setting up your own affiliate program, or selling your product through a service such as Clickbank, which has its own program.

When other people sell for you, it is typical to offer them a large commission (it is not uncommon to see a 50/50 split), and this can result in a huge amount of sales. After all, the more you can do to encourage people to sell for you, the more money you’ll make!

Even though I consider myself a talented marketer, and can generate my own sales, nothing can come close to what an army of motivated affiliates can do for you.

To see me talk a bit more about this, please review the Video.

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