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Dec 27,2008 Shopify API Ecommerce

Traffic Generation Part 18 - Thoughtful Blog Commenting

Commenting on other people's blogs is a fantastic way to get some great backlinks. You have to remember that a large percentage of bloggers out there are doing it just as a hobby, and they will love it if you take the time to read their blog and make a thoughtful comment.

Do not spam your comments! If you try leaving a comment like 'Nice Blog, Check Out My Website it is going to get taken down. The key here is showing the blog owner that you actually are interested in their blog, and want to contribute towards it.

If you really want to make the most of your time, only focus on blogs that have google page rank. This is a nice way to gauge the quality of the blogs you come across.

Please refer to the video to see me talk a bit more about blog commenting.

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