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Dec 31,2008 Shopify API

Traffic Generation Part 22 - Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is very important, and is actually not as hard as it sounds. When you create pages for your website, taking the time to optimize them will greatly increase your chances for receiving natural organic search engine traffic. Surprisingly, most people don’t bother with SEO, giving a huge advantage to those that do. Here are a few important things to keep in mind:

1. Pay Attention to Keyword Density: It is helpful to make sure you are using your main keywords a certain amount of times throughout your content. To put it plainly, we don’t want to use the keywords too much, or too little. I have found a comfortable density to be around 2.5%.

2. Emphasize Important Keywords with Bold, Italics, and Underlining: When creating your page, you can usually use simple HTML tags to emphasize your main keywords. Here are some examples:

Bold: <b>your keyword</b>
Italics: <i>your keyword</i>
Underline:<u>your keyword</u>

3. Header Tags: A header tags is a part of your page where the font is larger, and is reserved for the most important text on the page. To create a header tag, simply use this syntax:

<h2>your keyword</h2>

There are actually different levels of headings, 1‐5. I typically use h2 when emphasizing my keywords (the larger the number, the smaller the text will be, i.e. “h1” is seen as the most important).

4. Utilize Related Keywords: When creating your content, try to use a lot of related keywords. This means that if you are talking about dog training, you will also be using keywords like dog collar, dog leash, dog obedience, etc. This is typically done naturally as you write your content, but I wanted to point it out here. Sometimes people really try to focus completely on one keyword, and having diversity in your page and including other related keywords seems to help in the search engines.

5. Utilize Anchor Text: When you are linking to your website, make sure that you are making good use of the anchor text in the link. By “anchor text”, I am referring to the words that show up as the clickable link. An example of good anchor text would be: “Dog Training Tips”. A bad use of anchor text would be one that does not include the keywords we are optimizing for, such as “Click here for more information”

To see me talk a bit more about SEO, please view the Video.

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Video Transcript:
A crucial factor in getting traffic is especially natural traffic from search engines is practicing proper search engine optimization. Now it is beyond the scope of this video series to explain to you everything about search engine optimization but i did want to highlight a few of the key important things in creating a website and individual pages on your website.

You want to keep in mind things like title tags are very important again if your not familiar with html i strongly suggest that you get familiar because you want to make sure that your site is optimized for the search engines.

And i got to tell you a surprising amount of people dont do this, which means that if you do its going to make it so much easier to rank higher than you realise.

Header tags also something very important. Underlining, bolding and italicizing and again the most important thing with all this is you want to take the most important phrases on your page that are those that you want to specifically rank for.

Hopefully the ones that you did keyword research for, and then hemming it all these things. The title tags the header and underlining. You basically want to show the search engine what the most important parts of your page are. So they understand that and they rank you for that.

Anchor text also very very important and when your getting all those links in the other videos that i talk about.Getting links from here and there you want to make sure that the anchor text the you are using for a specific links is going to be optimized for the page it is pointing to.

You can see in the above article that include an example of anchor text and how i would create would create anchor text for a page that i am trying to optimize. Search engine optimization is incredibly important and some people just explore there avenues for there site and ppc and in my opinion they are throwing away a huge potential amount of free traffic from the search engines and you don't want to do that.