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Dec 21,2008 Shopify API

Traffic Generation Part 9 - Utilizing Keyword Research

If you aren’t doing proper keyword research before you build your website, you are taking a stab in the dark at your pages becoming popular. Just writing on your niche isn’t enough, you need to be spending time researching and discovering the best keywords to target.

The basic premise of keyword research involves finding keywords that have:

1. A reasonable amount of searches per day/month
2. A reasonably low amount of competition on the internet for that specific phrase.

I highly suggest and recommend using Matt’s Free Keyword Tool to do your keyword research. You can download it for free here:

There is also a free video series that comes with the tool. I am going to highlight the keyword research process for you here.

You basically want to avoid two problematic areas:

1. Keywords with too much competition (you would not be able to rank high enough)
2. Keywords with too little search volume (you may rank high, but still get very little traffic)

The keyword tool will help you find keywords in that “sweet spot”, where they are receiving a fair amount of hits per day, and there is little competition. Just how much competition should you aim for?

You’ll have to review Matt’s videos to find out! Highly recommended.

To see me talk a bit more about keyword research, I suggest you review the Video.