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Jan 18,2011 Shopify API

Trec Nutrition - Split Testing

When it comes to background colours what should you chose for an online supplement store?

Our Magento ecommerce clients Trec Nutrition originally designed their website with a dark red and black background.  The site's now been split-tested with a clean white look as the different variant similar to any other generic product website.

Our web designers at at Juno know that websites that encompass hobbies and sports need a different look that say a clothing retailer or corporate site.  Putting our feelings and design choices aside the SEO team knocked up a different CSS file for the white background and split tested two different CSS files rather than hack the internal code.

Here at the two resulting homepages for Trec Nutrition:

Currently we have very conclusive data that the white background is out-performing the black by 2.5%, the test has been running from the 23rd of Dec and has have a significant sample rate using 100% of the websites visitors in the experiment.