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Jan 06,2015 Juno Ecommerce

Trunki's Custom-made Christmas!

Trunki had the perfect gift for globe trotting tots this Christmas - a fully customised ride-on suitcase - following the creation of an innovative interactive customiser tool.

The firm, which famously sold 5 million ride-on suitcases after being rejected by entrepreneurs on TV’s Dragons’ Den, is now able to offer more than 1 billion unique Trunki models. So far customers have used the tool to create Trunkis themed after superheroes The Hulk and Superman among a host of imaginative designs.

The customiser tool is fully responsive, built with the latest HTML5 web technologies and has social media functionality - making it a matter of clicks before customers can share their innovations on Twitter or Pinterest. Customers are able to see the effect of their customisation immediately, giving them a true impression of the final product.

James Taylor, Juno Media’s Marketing Manager, said he was delighted with how the customiser had turned out.

“Our clients are increasingly turning to customisation as cost and technical barriers are removed, and the effect is often dramatic,” he said.

“For Trunki, the tool has not only opened up a world of customised products, but injected a sense of fun and playfulness into the buying process - supporting the brand’s values and creating a fantastic experience for parents and youngsters alike.”   

The project was among a raft of pre-Christmas deliveries by Juno, including the launch of the new Sea Island Coffee (stockists of the superb Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee and certified wild Kopi Luwak coffee) ecommerce site.