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Sep 08,2008 Shopify API Ecommerce

Understanding Meta Tags

Meta tags are used to give the search engines additional information about each page you create within your web design. It is important to understand that this information is only seen by the search engines, and not your actual visitors.

The meta tags also appear towards the top of each page, between the <head> tags. The most important meta tags include:

Description Meta Tag

This tag gives you a chance to describe what your page is about. It can be longer than the title. Here is an example of the syntax: <Meta Name=“Description” Content=“Information on dog training. Includes help with barking…”> Keywords Meta Tag

This tag gives you a chance to list several keywords that are found and discussed on your page. Here is an example of the syntax:
<Meta Name=“Keywords” Content=“dog training tips, dog training, dog training information,…”>

Robots Meta Tag

This tag is an example to tell the search engines if you don’t want them indexing or spidering a section of your website. By default, search engines spider everything, so you will only use this tag if you want to keep them away from something.

Here is an example of the syntax:

<Meta Name=“Robots” Content=“Nofollow”>

In the early days of search engine ranking, meta tags were very important. They are significantly less important today, though I certainly feel they remain an important part of search engine optimization, and recommend that you take the time to create them for each webpage that you publish.

Please review the video to learn more about meta tags.

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