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Aug 25,2009 Shopify API

Whats All This.... A New Design for Juno AGAIN?

Sometimes as you grow your site can become a little like a frankensteins monster... as you evolve new sections and features. Our site has become a little guilty of this, or we are just looking at it too much and fancy a change. There comes a time when you have to consider new web design and designers here are already doing so, we caught one of them at it!

[caption id="attachment_2177" align="alignleft" width="588" caption="Juno Web Design"][/caption]

Woah there... do we really just want to polish what we have? Or do we need to start more about creating a brand style that is more relevant to the here and now. Does our site from 8 months ago still represent what we are doing? We are going to spend some time planning what we want to achieve with the new design and create something really different, that includes our current and complete thought process.