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Mar 01,2011 Shopify API Ecommerce

Where to place your vital contact information

Contact information is very important for business (brochure) websites yet it's easily to forget to place it where everyone will find it online.

Hotels, restaurants, plumbers, DJ's and wedding planners: all these businesses require someone to pick up the phone or contact them through an email to get the job.  Your contact information is vital so ensure it's visible in all of these areas on your website so even the most clueless person can find them.  When thinking about your web design make sure to add your contact information in these places:


If your phone line is the key to making sales then show it 'Loud and Proud' at the top of your main header.  This means it should be in the top-left or top-right corner of your site, bolded, contrasting and a big enough font size for anyone to read (18px+).

For an added bonus you can add in your email address (with a "mailto:" link) and times of the day when you can answer calls under your phone number within the header.


You should be making visitors think that your service is the best available by creating blog posts and landing pages towards your key selling points.  Straight after these self-promotional posts/pages should be your contact details with a call-to-action line such as "Call us now on..." or "Limited time only!  Call us before the deal runs out on...".  This gives the visitor no excuse not to find your contact details and hopefully makes them pick up the phone whilst they are still buzzing from your amazing self-promoting post/page.


The footer is a good place to add in your physical address.  This shows that your business is legitimate and not just a website gunning for keywords on Google, it also helps with rankings in Google's local listings.  You can place your email and phone number in the footer too if you have some pages with pages of content that pushes the header away.

Contact Page

The most obvious place to put your contact information is the contact page.  This should be linked to in the header (and possibly the footer too) and should include every piece of information you can give your visitors including:

- Contact from
- Email address
- Phone number / Mobile number
- Fax number
- Address
- Map of address
- Social media accounts (twitter, facebook etc.)


Make sure that anyone, regardless of intelligence, browsing experience or eye sight power can find your contact details quickly, easily and when they most need them.

A simple change on your website can make your phone ring more often, try it!...