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Jul 18,2012 Shopify API

Wordpress Design for Select Factoring

Here at Juno Web Design, we love Wordpress. We’ve helped all sorts of companies with their web design needs on this platform, and one of our more interesting recent projects has been working with Select Factoring. We’re implementing a new design for this invoice finance company, whose services are all the more relevant in the current harsh economic circumstances.

Select Factoring is part of the new wave of alternative finance companies looking to open up new funding options for struggling small and medium enterprises. The recession has been ongoing for years, and, with UK growth rates still looking sluggish, there’s not really any light at the end of the tunnel. Apart from reduced sales, many businesses have also been hit by increasingly stringent bank lending conditions – making funding unavailable or hard to access. This is where Select Factoring comes in.

Their invoice finance services let any business which issues invoices to its customers release the money tied up in unpaid customer debts. This can mean up to 90% of an invoice’s value can be released within 24 hours – meaning businesses won’t have to wait around for payment. This helps them to grow and expand, as well as helping to keep them afloat.

We’ve been working with Select Factoring for a while, and we’re endeavouring to make their site even more functional and easy to use. We’re currently undertaking a bit of a redesign, as well as helping with their SEO, both of which will hopefully make sure their services can reach even more businesses.

As an SME ourselves, we’re very keen on any company that’s looking to make lives better for struggling small businesses. We’ve all seen the boarded up high streets and shop closures, and hopefully with an improved website and better Google rankings, Select Factoring can help make funding a reality for even more businesses.