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Oct 18,2011 Shopify API

Wrestling Shoes - Hitting the Mat

Here at Juno Web Design, we work with such a huge variety of clients and industries it is always nice to have something different on the books, maybe even slightly quirky. When My Wrestling Room approached us about re designing their ecommerce website and improve it's functionality and search engine optimistaion we were in awe. Not only was My Wrestling Room a dedicated store to the incredible sport of wrestling, they are based over the ocean in the USA. Their best range of products are many of the top brands of Wrestling Shoes, which are both practical for the sport and really stand out with vibrant colours and designs.

This project included creating a visually pleasing site that was simple to use and tied in with the existing stock and products My Wrestling Room had to sell. To produce an incredible web store, Juno used Magento, the tool of the gods when it comes to e commerce. Magento allowed us to link into any existing systems My Wrestling Room held. Its allows customers to purchase quickly and simply and it allows companies to see the amount of stock, the activity online, and the whole system is automated.

So we have the new site, we have the e commerce aspect, now we need to get My Wrestling Room high up in Google, how do we do that? With fresh, unique content. The content for the whole site was re written to include key words and hyperlinks.

Main categories were picked including Wrestling Shoes, Wrestling Singlets, Wrestling Equipment and used as key words for search terms. Juno implemented a blog, which is produced daily and again includes key words and links to main products on the main website at My Wrestling Room. This again helps the process of the rise to fame on Google and the race for the top spot.

Type in Wrestling Shoes or Wrestling Singlets to Google and you will see that My Wrestling Room is holding the top spot, which is a great achievement and total buzz for the team at Juno Web Design. We aim to produce incredible websites and raise companies to the top spots, meaning more visits to the website, and more purchases.