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Accessibility is a key feature to today’s websites, if a visitor cannot find the information they are looking for then they will leave a website within 4 seconds!

With so many websites offering the same product, information or service you need to design your website to be as clear as possible or lose many potential customers. Google and Bing both rank websites highly in the search engine results if they have well structured links on their website which usually includes an easy to use navigation bar at least.

Another accessibility feature is the webpages “call to action”. The “call to action” could be a telephone number, an “add to cart” button or an email form to fill out for a few examples.

Let’s say that your website showcases a restaurant that you ran, the ‘call to action’ for this site would be a customer calling your telephone number to book a table. Now if your telephone number wasn’t displayed clearly on the main page of your restaurant’s site then many people may never find it, you want to make that number to be as accessible as possible! Juno design all websites of this type with the telephone number in large text at the top of the website, look around this page and you’ll see Juno’s number in many places making it easy to find.

This runs true for any ‘call to action’; an ecommerce site could lose out on a sale if the “PAY NOW’ button was difficult to spot or a business website could lose customers if the site’s font size was too small for example.

Juno sometimes has to make a website look less “cool” and make it be more useful to the visitor. The key to any website is the value it brings to the owner and accessibility plays a large role in that, just look at some of the world’s biggest sites such as Amazon or Ebay to see the best practices in action.

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