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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a technique that places a website higher up in search engines such as Google when a certain “keyword” is searched for. If you sold car insurance for example then you could make a substantial amount of money if your website appeared at the top of Google’s search results when someone typed in “car insurance”!

SEO is highly important for any website to succeed online; when done right it can bring thousands of visitors to a site per month. If SEO is ignored then the only way to bring people to your site would be word of mouth or paid-per-click (PPC) adversing which is becoming increasingly costly. The beauty of having a website optimised for search engines is that the traffic is free, consistent and your website becomes more and more valuable if it was ever sold in the future.

Juno’s main strategy at creating results online is SEO and the results speak for themselves. Juno’s clients who have climbed up the search engine rankings have seen traffic literally go up at an exponential rate. It is closely estimated that a website which reaches #1 in google for a keyword gets just under 40% of the traffic for it, some keywords get several thousands of searches per month in the UK alone so this is big business.

The secret to Juno’s SEO successful strategies cannot be revealed but the key points to making a website rank highly in Google are:

Backlinks – The more backlinks a website has the more popular it seems to search engines such as Google and the higher it will be ranked. Backlinks are when one website creates a link to another that can be clicked on. A website with millions of backlinks such as the BBC’s website will out-do a small local news website with a few hundred backlinks anyday
Content – A famous phrase in SEO is “content is king”. The more you write about a subject then the more of an expert you seem to be on that subject in the eyes of Google. If you made a website and wrote about a very specific subject such as “poodle grooming” then you would eventually get lot of visitors from people looking how to groom their poodle!
Accessibility – If a website’s hard to navigate or is confusing to the user then people will leave the site very quickly. If a website has features such a very small text size, hard to find links or hidden content then it can be penalised by Google

Juno’s SEO work now has grown into a side company of it’s own called Real Web SEO are the highest ranked SEO company in Nottingham, to prove this try typing in “SEO Nottingham” into Google!

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