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Dec 15,2008 Shopify API

Traffic Generation Part 3 - Targeted Traffic With Yahoo Answers

Welcome to part 3 of 52 in our Traffic Generation series, dont forget to sign upto our RSS feed so that you dont miss an. Yahoo Answers is a fantastic way to get not only a strong backlink, but also some very highly targeted traffic as well.
Yahoo Answers is located here:

This is a place where anyone can go and ask a question, about anything they want. Others then answer the questions, often citing websites as references. Yahoo Answers is a literal internet marketer’s goldmine, because it contains a ton of people that are literally asking what they should buy!

In the video, you can see how I show you an example of this.

When you provide an answer, be sure to list your website like this:

You cannot use anchor text at Yahoo Answers, it is not allowed. Make sure to remember that!