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Oneskee scales new heights with agile replatform to Shopify

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Juno’s Fast Track Plan supplied the skiwear brand with a fully flexible Shopify 2.0 storefront and greater control over its internationalisation strategy. 

Oneskee was founded with the mission to reinvent the one-piece snowsuit; to revive the clothing of the rugged mountains and rip off its retro tag. Using recycled fabrics and eco-friendly production methods, the British brand has a presence across Europe and North America. 

Yet its existing ecommerce platform presented barriers to growth and agile scalability. Oneskee needed a solution that would give them more flexibility and control over the customer experience across its different international markets, as well as the scalability to expand into new geographies in the future seamlessly and swiftly. 

Oneskee’s problem was the ideal case for Juno’s Fast Track Plan.
Here’s what happened. 

The Challenge

Since being founded in 2014, Oneskee has carved out a reputation as being modernisers of the one-piece snow suit and the best in class in the industry.  

Its growth into new international markets meant greater complexity around meeting the needs of different customers in different countries and continents. 

The brand realised, however, that its existing ecommerce platform was restricting its growth strategy rather than enabling it. Its lack of flexibility meant that it was unable to easily adapt to industry changes and customer preferences.  

Oneskee’s biggest concern was the expensive cost of running the platform. It not only lacked cost-effectiveness but was putting a straitjacket on its ability to innovate. 

Ultimately, Oneskee saw no return on investment in the platform, whether it be from the customer experience or paid media. 

They were shopping for a platform that was not only cost-effective but also agile and fully flexible, giving them greater control over their multiple stores. 

The goal was to grow its digital presence in the UK, US, and Europe, as well as optimise the checkout journeys of each localised website using Shopify’s out-of-the-box checkout capabilities. Get in touch

The Solution

Once we fully understood the brand’s current challenges and where they wanted to go, we knew what Oneskee needed: a fully optimised storefront that could be built and launched quickly. It was key for the brand to swiftly adapt and not lose ground. 

Fast Track Plan

The solution was Juno’s Fast Track Plan, which is designed to accelerate digital success through our Core Framework. It guarantees the launch of a Shopify 2.0 website in just 6 to 8 weeks. 

We migrated Oneskee’s UK and US ecommerce websites to Shopify and built its EU website as it expanded into new markets. All three websites were launched in 12 weeks – that’s an average of 4 weeks per site. 

An agile platform: tick. A fast solution: tick.

Paid Media Support Services 

Juno has meticulously developed a bespoke Paid Media strategy to fortify the Oneskee brand's presence during its peak season and across its international markets. Through close collaboration with the client, we have fine-tuned campaigns, broadening target audiences to ensure optimal campaign deliverability, as well as monitoring and managing campaign performance across Meta ads and Google ads. 


In-depth audience research has been a cornerstone of our strategy, aiding Oneskee in crafting distinctive messaging and experiences tailored to the nuances of various geographic locations. This strategic alignment has been instrumental in enhancing Oneskee's visibility and resonance within diverse markets.  

eCommerce Consultancy

We carried out a tech stack review and will continue to provide strategic advice and recommendations to Oneskee, ensuring its technology infrastructure aligns with its business objectives and growth trajectory. 

One key area of focus was to strengthen its customer loyalty, which resulted in the creation of The Vault, an email subscription service that offers a VIP experience to subscribers, who receive exclusive offers and are the first to know about upcoming product drops and sale events. It will also give loyal customers early access to new releases and promotions – what’s not to like!? 

Because we built the foundations of these websites on our Core Framework, it gives Oneskee the crucial capabilities they were looking for: 

  • Fast deployment via the mobile-first, performance-optimised Shopify storefront
  • Seamless integration of future customisations as the business grows and changes 
  • Internationalisation with a vision to leverage Shopify Markets in the future to better localise customer journeys for each region. 

Juno worked with its best-in-class partners to help build out Oneskee’s new ecommerce architecture. This included: 

  • Klaviyo to optimise its email and SMS marketing capabilities
  • Feedonomics as part of the strategy to enter marketplaces such as Amazon 
  • Yoast SEO to drive greater traffic to the websites 
  • Gorgias to provide customer support chat across all channels 
  • Matrixify for better managing Shopify store data 
  • Klarna and Clearpay, to offer payment flexibility for their customers, such as buy now, pay later options 

The transition to Shopify has provided a balanced and stable environment, setting the stage for future growth. Juno's effective timeline and clear project roll-out plans ensured a seamless journey.

Josh Clifford, Co-Founder and Brand Director, Oneskee

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The Results

The replatform of Oneskee’s websites was a huge success, highlight by organic traffic, new users, and conversion rates while the abandonment rate dropped significantly on the UK website. 

In the 3-month period between November to January 2023, the brand’s peak season, the UK store increased its organic traffic by 53% while its checkout abandonment rate decreased to 5.70%. The US website grew its organic traffic by 210%. 

In the last 90 days, the UK and US stores saw four-digit spikes in conversion rates: the UK site by 1,267%, the US site by 2,117%.

On the new EU site, the conversion rate increased by 3,550% in the last 3 months compared to the previous period. 

All three websites saw huge growth in new users over the last 90 days compared to the previous period: the UK by 201%, the US by 157%, and the EU by 383%. 

Increase in organic traffic on the UK website


Growth in organic traffic on the US website


Boost in conversions on the EU website


Now, Oneskee is equipped with the commerce tools to scale greater heights on its growth journey, while more of its customers get to ride those snow-capped slopes in style. 

Do you have the best-fit architecture to grow your business? Talk to us and we’ll design tailor-made solutions! 

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