Montane was founded in 1993, the passion project of Chriss Roff and Jake Doxat who met on a three month expedition to Chile. As avid explorers, they knew there was a gap in the market for innovative, reliable outdoor clothing and equipment.

Services & Technology

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The challenge

Outdoor clothing brand Montane is a popular and successful retailer. But they wanted to scale their business, and continue providing high quality products to even more customers by replatforming to Shopify.

The problem was, they were struggling with their previous approach. Important updates and new features were taking months to launch, and they simply weren’t getting the level of support they needed.

This was especially frustrating, as Montane had a clear vision for what they wanted to achieve. They wanted to create a beautiful and optimised customer journey, with excellent content and product presentation which immediately grabbed the attention of potential customers.

They also wanted to take back control of their online presence. They were too reliant on external support, and this was setting back their goals. Modernisation was required so that they could implement new features and technology.

But without an attentive and experienced agency partner, reaching their vision didn’t seem achievable.

Enter Juno

Montane decided to bring Juno on board to help. We’ve helped a number of brands with similar issues, so we immediately saw what needed to be done.

As a specialist Shopify agency, we replatformed their previous ecommerce store to Shopify, which provided them with more features to serve their consumers.

This gave them more bespoke content and ways of interacting with their customers. Unique experiences are essential for boosting engagement, and replatforming to Shopify with Juno allowed them to take control of their direction.

As a result, customer acquisition and traffic both increased for Montane. This has allowed them to further grow their business, with higher retention and conversions.

They’re also now self-reliant instead of held back by their previous agency. Juno offers them support, strategy, and insights. But in terms of their UX, they have full control, and can pick and choose the different features they want to implement through Shopify.

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