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Dec 19,2022 Juno Ecommerce Shopify Shopify Plus

Shopify 2.0: how to take advantage of new features

Shopify 2.0: how to take advantage of new features

Shopify 2.0 marks an overhaul in how themes on the Online Store can be edited and developed for your bespoke purposes.

For an ecommerce agency like Juno, this has enabled us to better serve our clients and help you convert.

But what exactly are the new features brought in by this overhaul? And how can we leverage Shopify 2.0 to help you grow?


New Theme Architecture


Before Shopify 2.0, there was a limited number of blocks merchants could implement in their store. Plus, different templates for websites had their own set of sections which couldn’t be fully customised. This meant our clients needed Juno’s page builder app to help realise their vision - but even with that, merchants were limited to one template and could only customise content pages.

Now clients have the freedom to completely make a website their own. The new online store lets users create a library of sections, so they can create multiple blocks and drop sections into any type of page on the store.

This gives Juno even more freedom to help you. With our expertise in Shopify and web design, we can build you a beautiful, bespoke website without restrictions.


Theme App Extensions


One of the most useful updates included in Shopify 2.0 is the theme app extensions.

This expands the range of features and extensions you can link with your store. Previously, these apps would automatically inject code and developers often would have to intervene to ensure a seamless connection.

However, now clients can easily move a section to where it’s needed without impacting other areas.

Plus, now developers can add and remove UI components through the theme editor. No more messing around with code.

This allows Juno to more quickly integrate apps and extensions, without the risk of error or requiring developer intervention.


Shopify Metafields


Shopify 2.0 allows clients to add meta fields and properties, without any API or coding necessary. 


There’s a few ways this can help clients. First of all, it helps you safely import commerce data without the risk of mistakes.


But it also means that it’s simpler for custom themes to work across vertical markets, and in addition, you can add presentation hints to meta fields for more transparent rendering of store data.


Metafields can now also support a variety of different media, which includes images and PDF files. This is important because it allows for more versatility for the selected media on product pages.

Shopify GitHub Integration


A new integration with GitHub elevates Shopify 2.0 to new heights. This allows for new theme development and maintenance, making it easier for Juno and our clients to track and manage them.


And it also means you can connect your user accounts with your Shopify admin account, which offers easier and quicker access.


Shopify 2.0’s GitHub integration allows developers to collaborate safely when editing themes and offers additional support for version control.


All of this allows Juno to perform more effective maintenance on your website which means you’re always running at optimal performance.

How can you get on board with Shopify 2.0?


Most changes will happen behind the scenes automatically - you don’t have to do anything.


But there are a couple of choices to make regarding how Juno can help you move to Shopify 2.0


Full new re-theme


This means that we will re-build your current theme entirely within Shopify 2.0’s new structure. It's a great way to give yourself a refresh and have another think about your design.


If you’re interested in this, get in touch for a discovery session. We’ll figure out your vision and needs to give you a bespoke experience.


The hybrid approach


With a hybrid approach, we’ll implement changes one at a time by altering different sections. This gives you some time to transition to Shopify 2.0, and we give you the option to completely refresh each section for a new look.


By taking this approach, we offer clients more time to transition which can be helpful if you’re not on a tight time schedule.

For more information on how we can help you transition to Shopify 2.0, get in touch today for a free consultation.