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Jan 12,2009 Juno Ecommerce Ecommerce

3 Suggestions When Selecting Clickbank Products

You might be one of the 1000s of affiliate marketers who have made internet marketing a generator of revenue. If so, probabilities are you may be part of the ClickBank affiliate network. With over ten thousand items in its armoury, ClickBank is presently among the major affiliate networks.

In ClickBank, all you need to do to have a business is to sign up. You do not require the permission of the merchants to sell their items. So with all those items to select from, the fledgeling affiliate marketer could very easily feel besieged. Merely reading the list of items on hand is already rather a huge task.

And then to have to read their descriptions too!! Merely to get to the point of choosing the items is rather consuming. And on top of that, how does one choose the products that have a good percentage of making profits? For you see, not all items are produced equal. Some are rather marvellous and deliver what they say they will. And then there are the cons and the flops. To add to all this, there are fresh products coming in day-after-day. How does one keep abreast?

As you do not want to desolate your energy or your time advertising a product that's not going to fetch the profits, you need to be very apprehensive. Surely there must be a shortcut or a trick to selecting products.

Well, good news. I've have some quick tips that will assist you wade through the large number of products that you are privileged to have to choose from. Remember, it is a good thing there are so many products. That means you are able to advertise several on your blog or website.

OK, 1st tip. Look for products that afford high commission values. Select the high paying products. A few affiliates permit you to earn 75% in commissions.

Next, look for items that score high on gravity. That will tell you that the product is marketable and that its affiliate marketers are earning profit from it. You will be able to locate the gravity score below the description of the product in ClickBank marketplace, at the end of the row of statistics.

Lastly, look into the product's repayment rate. This will show you the rate at which buying customers are requiring for their money back. If the rate is high, that's not a good sign. You may be doing a heck of a job marketing the product but if a multitude of clients ask for their money back, it means you are advertising a dud product. What's more, all those refunds are cutting back on your commissions.