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Jan 14,2009 Shopify API

Best Road Map to How To Know What Is The Professional SEO

Trying to find a professional search optimization company can be sometimes frustrating. There are a lots of competitors out there all with different sales pitches but ultimately offering a top position on Google, which is worth any businesses weight in gold.

But what is a expert SEO company what things should you be looking for, what are you expecting to receive for your investment. A huge problem is not many business owners know the first thing about SEO or sem for that matter, they trust and believe what they are told by the so called expert websites and a lot of these websites are clearly after your money and give you massive promises such as, we can guarantee a top position on Google. Let me first fill you in about these guaranteed top position sites.

The only way they can guarantee you a top position is by using the following methods. The first is by simply using pay per click advertising like Google AdWords. If you are paying a really low monthly fee then they still are only going to get your website there for may be 100 visitors max. The second way to get your site to the top of Google is by using unethical methods also known as black hat or bad search engine optimization. These ways may work in the some days but trust me most of search engines will catch on and your website will be banned, forever. The third method is used by con artists they tell you they can get you there but it never happens, you try and sue but you will never here from them again.

Anyone who guarantee's a first position on Google 95 percent of the time will not be offering a full professional SEO package. Ok but what should you get for your money when dealing with an SEO company or consultant?

Well first of all do not hope it to be cheap. Secondly you should be receiving a service which covers all factors concerning SEO and SEM, that is search optimization and search marketing. You should have on and off page optimization, keyword research and suggestions, niche marketing, link building and link structuring, affiliate marketing, email marketing and advice on potential advertising campaigns. You see professional SEO is like a complex jigsaw, unless you get all the pieces your never going to see the full image or realize the true potential of your website.

So when looking for professional SEO, shop around and do some research, if your paying a small amount of money your probably getting a worse service. A good SEO should work with you and your business to ensure long term, online success.

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