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Feb 06,2012 Shopify API

Big brand site re-launch

As we mentioned last week, the team at Juno Web Design has been working tirelessly to re launch sites with improved functionality.

Juno has a great relationship with Graham and Green and finished a campaign to improve the sites look and capabilities, enabling consumers to browse and shop with ease.

Not only that, Juno have focused heavily on SEO so that Graham and Green rank well when customers search for anything that is home furnishings related. Graham and Green offer stunning furniture and soft furnishings for the home and office and have become a popular company, not just with customers and press, but take a look at social media and someone is always talking about their wants and desires from this beautiful shop.

By creating a more functional websites, clients are able to expand their brands and service clients, who may not have previously the capabilities to purchase.

Juno Web Design uses Magento as the main frame for both sites, which is an incredibly powerful system. Modules are integrated, such as Cybertill, which enable payments to be taken in a range of forms and rather than disrupting business, Magento slides into place with other systems, to create a super, seamless, automated system.

Folk Clothing was our other big focus last week and a development only project, in which Juno improved the back end of the site, re structuring and upgrading the e commerce element of the site. Based in London, Folk offers a range of clothing and brands to the stylish man or woman about town. We improved SEO and the functionality of the site, once again making shopping a total joy for customers.

We enjoy a challenge. Graham and Green and Folk Clothing were grand projects and took much time, preparation and focus on detail, to launch in a way that doesn't interrupt business and is a seamless changeover. That said, everything went well and we sit and watch as the results of well constructed, SEO rich and incredible sites, bring in those customers wanting to spend their money.

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