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May 14,2013 Shopify API

Blog for Experience Nottinghamshire

Any website should engage an audience and encourage them to learn more, but a tourism site has an even bigger responsibility—not only does it need to get visitors to look around the site itself, it needs to get people exploring the sights of the local area. It can be a difficult nut to crack and relies heavily on effective branding, engaging content and a friendly, informative and interesting tone, and these days blogs can be used to great effect. That’s where we come in. Our design team can not only help with the branding side of things but can create blogs that engage and inspire an audience, and Experience Nottinghamshire is one client who’s benefited from our expertise.

The site is all about encouraging people to get out there and experience the best that Nottingham has to offer, and of course, appealing to potential visitors is a key part of that. That’s why we’ve created a blog that blends perfectly with the rest of the re-branding with a design that’s easy to navigate whilst being visually appealing, taking on board their four core themes (Love Local, Explore Outdoors, Sporting and Cultural Inspiration and What Legends Are Made Of) for easy categorisation and seamless branding. It manages to be sleek and professional whilst having a friendly, personal tone, with the ultimate goal being to encourage readers to get out there and get exploring.

We think we’ve managed to achieve that and are pretty impressed with the results, and if you want to see what we can do for you make sure to get in touch. We know what it takes to create blogs that can deliver the necessary impact, so whether you’re a tourism site or a business of any kind just contact us and put us to the test.