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Feb 14,2011 Shopify API Ecommerce

Copywriting Nottingham Job

The best on-site SEO factor that Google looks at is regular fresh & relevant content towards the website's niche. This is imperative to achieve top search engine positions along with other forms of web development and SEO.

We believe that search engine traffic is the most cost effective and lucrative way of gaining business online through a website.  PR, Advertising and other forms of self-promotion can certainly gain interest in a product or a service but SEO can effectively leap in at the final moment when people search online for that same product or service and get that all-important sale.

Juno are looking to hire another copywriter in the Nottingham area to expand the team and help out some of our top clients.  Other roles include blog creation for our own sites and creating press releases for the internet marketing side of the business.  Our copywriting job will be set in a focused and relaxed atmosphere, we encourage each member of the team to expand their skillset and grow as a whole.

If you would like to apply for the copywriting Nottingham job then please send your CV to