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Jan 17,2013 Juno Ecommerce

Creating a landing page that converts

Creating a landing page that converts

A great website is all well and good, but if it doesn’t convert traffic into sales it isn’t having the desired impact. Considering the landing page could well be the first impression your visitors get of your business it really needs to perform, and here are a few ways you can create a landing page that converts:

Get the content right. Content matters, particularly in this day and age when quality and value are key indicators that your website is kosher, so make sure it speaks to readers and leaves them wanting more.

Make your headline proposition unique and tempting. If your headline doesn’t engage and captivate your audience, 60% of them will leave without looking further. You need to give them a reason to sign-up and take a look around, so as with content, make sure it speaks to your audience.

Stay relevant. Your landing page should be solely focused on your offer, so make sure to clearly state its benefits and don’t distract your audience by delivering multiple messages at one time—you want their undivided attention, so make sure to captivate them.

Use media. Text is all well and good, but these days it’s all about utilising media for added visual appeal and interest. Use relevant images and even videos to offer another way to get your message out there, always going for high-quality options (just make sure they don’t affect your loading time too much).

Have a clear call to action. Any landing page should have a clear, succinct and attention-grabbing call to action, so make sure you know what you want from your visitors—do you want them to download an ebook, sign up for a newsletter, read a specific piece of content? Make sure to guide them to it accordingly, and always offer something in return for their contact details.

These are just a few ways you can create a landing page that converts, so make sure to remember these tips during the web design stage and you could soon notice the difference to your conversion rates.