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Jun 11,2010 Shopify API

Deep linking into subpages

When performing SEO on your website are you just simply linking to your website's main page?

Every backlink you create for your website adds power to whichever page it links to; backlinking just to your homepage may seem to be the best idea to many people but it isn't the best way to traffic.

If you links to subpages on your site then these pages too have backlink power. The beauty of subpages on your site is that they can be targeted to one specific subject making them a lot more likely to rank in search engines such as Google when someone types in a related keyword.

Your homepage may mention many different areas of what your business has to offer, lets say for example you sold sports equipment, you could have many differently themed pages on 'football', 'cricket', 'tennis' etc.
The homepage of this website could mention football, cricket and tennis all in the same place which makes it very hard to rank for one of these sports whereas the football page will have no mentions of other types of sports.

Well designed websites have a prominent link to the homepage featured on every page of the site.  Backlink power is passed on through internal links so the homepage will still be promoted even if a majority of backlinks towards a site are pointed towards subpages.

Deep linking into these subpages also has another advantage when both the homepage and the subpage have a lot of backlink power; there is a possibility of a "double listing".  A "double listing" is where you have two results in Google instead of the usual one which can lead to nearly double the amount of traffic!

Having many subpages backlinked to on your site will bring you more overall traffic as they rank higher for their subject matter.  An example of this is Juno's Magento Page which appears for the search "Magento Ecommerce" instead of the homepage.  If there were no deep links into this subpage then Juno wouldn't have any traffic for the keyword "Magento Ecommerce" as the homepage focuses on the keyword "web design"