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Jan 26,2007 Juno Ecommerce Ecommerce

Disposable? Physical Media vs Digital Media

The beauty of a web page over standard DVD format is that you can communicate written and visual information simultaneously. Providing text and video together can benefit the accessibility of a presentation for those with learning disability, hearing disability and the visually impaired. If you are working in the field of learning or education accessibilty can no longer be ignored.

Key information can be bullet pointed for those who do not want to sit through an arduous film, providing options and offering choice. In web format you can include information in office printable form and downloadable PDF format.
'Providing information without discrimination is crucial'.
Government bodies have specific targets and deadlines that they must conform to in terms of accessibility and free information to all regardless of ability or culture. The society is multi-cultural, discrimination or exclusion of any kind is not tolerated and another global current issue.

'An inclusive approach may distinguish you from the competition because it offers longevity and the scope for continued work and evolution'.

An online resource has a much longer shelf life than a DVD Disc and could be reused infinitely for future marketing. A targeted audience can be instructed and informed at the click of a link potentially offering long term financial savings.

Our view is that DVD only format is a slightly wasteful way of communicating with a short shelf life. More effective, longer lasting, reusable, targeted services can be provided by the internet. DVD’s may end up shelved or in the bin very quickly if sent to the wrong people. Utilising the internet can provide a permanent library of information in all media that can expand and evolve in one central resource, taking into account changing public / private sector drives, needs and requirements.

Regardless of the format of a publication the key is to keep the content rich with useful information, to keep your audience interested.

David Wiltshire
Managing Director

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