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Oct 21,2009 Shopify API

DotNetNuke CMS

DotNetNuke has chosen Europe's winners of the OpenForce Community Choice Awards just in time for the OpenForce Europe Conference that was held October 19-20. The awards honor the best web design created using the DotNetNuke platform. Interdigital won the award this year for best Overall Site and Best Informational site. Structure Sonores ( won for the Most Creative/Original Site, and Le Bazar de Wally ( for the Best eCommerce Site. Both websites are quite impressive.

The conference is a two-day, multiple track professional developers’ conference held in conjunction with the Software Developer Network Conference and includes speeches and demonstrations by expert software developers from the DotNetNuke community all over Europe, Asia, and Africa as well as representatives from DotNetNuke Corporation. Users attend the conference in order to expand their knowledge base, network and share best practices, tips, and information. In addition to DotNetNuke, attendees also have free access to all other conference sessions on technologies such as C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, SQL Server, SharePoint, and Delphi.

If you’re not familiar with DotNetNuke, it is a leading web content management system and application development platform for Microsoft .NET. With it, savvy users can tap into their existing Microsoft software and training to create robust, interactive web applications and websites. It is Open Source, which means that there are a lot of developers out there trying to break it and fix the bugs before each new release. To that end, DotNetNuke 5.2.0 Beta is now available for download on the Beta Testing page on

DotNetNuke simplifies web asset management for administrators, developers, content editors, and designers. They offer a Professional Edition for businesses and organizations that use DotNetNuke as a base component of their business-critical online communications strategies. They also have a free Community Edition that is more suitable for website administrators needing a web content management system (CMS) or application development framework but who do not require the robustness of the Professional Edition. Several well-known websites that were built with DotNetNuke include Euricom, Yokosuka Navy Base, the Australian Football League, and Indian Motorcycles.

DotNetNuke claims that even people with no programming experience can download and install the Community Edition and be up and running and creating their own websites in no time. This edition allows users to create membership rolls, send bulk emails, and define secure sections for registered site users only. Users can even customize the site’s appearance, create banner advertising, and submit the site to search engines.

DotNetNuke’s user community is more than 700,000 strong, which is a testament to both its popularity and its capacity for self-regulation and integrity. It might be worth checking out if you are a novice or a seasoned developer.

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