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Dec 02,2009 Shopify API Ecommerce

Duffle Coats UK - Web Design Launch

We are really pleased to launch this site. It has been 6 weeks in the design and build and has been a pleasure throughout. Duffle Coats UK is a site for the world reknowned Montgomery Clothing brand and really demonstrates where our web design thought is right now.

The site is clean clear and funky with great product range and of course call to action, SEO and conversion techniques inbuilt for commercial success. We started optimising the domain on day one of the design so they will be selling products sooner rather than later to catch the Christmas period.

The site is offering HUGE launch discounts on Original and fantastic Duffle coats so they shouldn't have any trouble selling. To view the site, our work and some awesome duffle coats please click this link ---> Duffle Coats

Here is a preview of the Duffle Coats UK Site.

[caption id="attachment_2482" align="alignleft" width="588" caption="Duffle Coats UK | Web Design"][/caption]

Wondering Why Duffle is spelt Duffle and not Duffel? Its because it gets much better traffic... Simples! This is a magento web design in our new custom Magento hosting Environment and it is running fast.